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Tournament Rules

With very few exceptions we play after the FIBA rules at the Tournament. Playing time is 4x 8 minutes in all divisions non Stop. 

The group system shows 3/4 teams per group. First and second place of every group moves to the Play-Offs. Every other team reaches the Play-Downs. Teams that do not show up on time to their games and have not provided the office with a reasonable excuse one hour before the game starts, have to pay 50€. Teams that do not follow up on their scorer table duties pay 30€

Points and Ranking

The league table ranking is calculated according to the following system:

Win 2 points
Loss 1 point
Forfeit 0 points 

Ranking according to league table points

  1. If two or more teams are even on points, the points from the games of the teams against each other are only calculated for ranking.
  2. If teams are still equal in points, the score ratio (i.e. score made divided by score received) of the games of the teams against each other is calculated for ranking
  3. If teams are still equal, the score ratio of all games is calculated for ranking.
  4. If teams are still equal, the score made from all games is used for ranking.
  5. If teams are still equal, the ranking is decided by drawing lots.

The game will be rated 2:0 if the opponent team does not show up until 3 minutes before the game officially starts. 


"Sudden Death" will be played within the pre-rounds. This means that the first team that scores wins the game. The overtime starts with a jump ball. After the first round overtimes will replace the "Sudden Death" until one team wins the game and they (each of them) will last 2 minutes.

Ball sizes

MU18 - MU6 sz. 7
WU19 - WU14 sz. 6 
MU14 -MIXU14 sz.5
MIX U12 sz. 5 


FIBA rules apply: The first team named in the game plan (home team) shall wear light-colored shirts (preferably white). The second team named in the game plan (visiting team) shall wear dark-colored shirts.

If two teams have the same color of uniforms the team with the wrong-colored shirts has 3 minutes to change the color. Refusing to change the uniforms leads to a win for the other team.