Participation Costs
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Participation costs

Prices, Games + fees: 

The organization guarantees every team a minimum of 4 games over the course of the Tournament. From 8 team registration per age group there are Pla-Off resp. Play-Down games. 

Every player will receive a free Tournament T-shirt, the first 3 of each age group receive a Tournament trophy. 

All starter fee packages include free Tournament T-shirts, free entry to all side events. The deposit has to be payed 14 days after the registration . 

             1. €100,00 Registration and free players T-shirts 

registration fee per team EURO 100,00 on the following account BE 87 1030 5438 0894  
reduced registration fee per team of 10,00 EURO
only with booking of at least 3 age teams from 1 club or you bring 1 refferee with.

We point out that every team that does not transfer the fee within the 14 days after the registration, is asked to inform us or in case of missing information, will lose its place in the tournament. The prepayment already includes the deposit of 100€. All deposits will be payed before the 1st march 2020(lodging & meals)

Tournament Card & Catering:

Every participant needs a Tournament card to identify themselves and to experience the international flavor of the Gerolsteiner/Arbeidershuis Tournament. The Tournament card only represents your type of sleeping accommodation/catering for the Tournament. 

Catering prices:

 • Full Board: 3x diner ; 3x breakfast ; 3x lunch 120€ per person

 • Half board : 3x diner ; 3x lunch 95€ per person 

• Light : 3x breakfast + 3x diner or 3x lunch 75€ per person 

• Easy : 3x diner or 3x lunch or 3x Breakfast 55€ per person 

Cupcard selection: 

Tournament Card "Culturel Center" - Small gym or accommodation .Please bring own air mattresses, sleeping pads, pillows etc.,

       => 10 € per person (3x nights in Sint-Eloois-Winkel) 

If you want a bed and matrass, we rent beds:

      • Single bed :15€ (no pillow and sleeping pads) 

     • Bunk bed :25€ (no pillow and sleeping pads) 

Tournament Card "Basket Village" - lodging in a Chalet village. Please bring own sleeping pads and pillow with etc. .

     4 person Chalet : 4 beds, 4 matrasses € 350 for 4 persons 

     XL Chalet : 14 beds, 14 matrasses €1008 for 14 persons 

Tournament Card "Gerolsteiner" -lodging in a Hostel 

     The price is under request. 

     More rooms possible 

     Double room possible

Tournament Card "Arbeidershuis"- Lodging in a ***Hotel 

 Price under request 

 Double, Single , 4 person rooms available 

Tournament Card"Deluxe" -Lodging in a ****Hotel 

 Double room ??€ per night 

 Single room ??€ per night 

Price under request  

Free fittness, douche , hair dryer, safe, mini bar, douche , toilet, free WIFI 'etc...